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Loading Dock:


Façade & Exterior:


Ceiling Height:


Floor Load:

HVAC System:



Northeast corner of 39th Street
at Broadway

George & Edward Blum

1926 and 1930, Renovated 2010-11


20,000 sf approx.
(102’ x 214’ – irregular)

400,000 rsf approx.

25 floors plus mechanical penthouse
and Cupola

Floor 1
Floors 2 –7
Floors 8 – 18
Floors 19 – 20
Floors 21 – 24
Floor 25

14,400 +/-
21,000 +/-
17,500 +/-
16,150 +/-
14,000 +/-
2,250 +/-

4 Low Rise / 2 – 12
3 High Rise / 12 – 24
2 Freight Elevators

Loading/unloading from 39th Street

Structural steel framework with cast in place concrete floor slabs.

Face is brick and aluminum cladding
with terra cotta and limestone above the 5th floor. The aluminum smoke glass façade was designed by Moed de Armas
& Shannon

Current lobby finishes include marble, glass and mahogany.

Slab to Slab: approximately 10’ 9”
Finish Ceiling: 8’ 6” – 9’ 0” depending
on ducting

New insulated operable glazing window units have been installed on many floors over the original steel frame.

120 lbs psf live load

Comfort cooling is accomplished with a mixture of water-cooled and air-cooled direct expansion units. There are separate tower fed water-cooled systems servicing floors 1 – 4 and floors 5 – 23 with floors
16, 17, 22, 24 and 25 serviced by air cooled units.

The current systems equate to approximately 40 tons per floor with tenants having temperature control during normal business, excepting only the perimeter steam heat.

As many tenants have individual units within their space, the number and location of HVAC zones per floor vary greatly.

Domestic city water is fed to holding tanks
in the penthouse and is gravity fed to the restrooms and tenant pantries throughout
the building.

Two gas fired boilers provide hot water
via a new re-circulating system thereby providing consistent hot water on all levels
of the building.

The property is powered by (3) 208/120V three-phase services from Consolidated Edison. A 3000A and 4000A service provides power to floors 2 – 16, 20, 21, 23 and 25 and an 800A service powers the basement and retail levels. A new 208/120V, 3200A electrical service is currently being installed to service floors 17, 18, 19, 22 and 24. The property will be able to effectively distribute 6 watts per rentable square foot of connected load.